Greetings and best wishes from the 2022 KAOCA committee!

 Registration for KAOCA 2022 Ugadi event is now open! 

We are having an outdoor in person Ugadi event  this year!

Date: Sat Apr 9 2022 [11:15 AM - 5 PM PST].

Venue: Amphitheater @ SierraMont Middle School, 3155 KimLee Drive, San Jose

Deadline for Registration now ExtendedApr 3 2022

Please plan to attend with Family and friends for this first in person event in 2 years !

Register Early!
Reconnect with the Community and your friends! 


It is strongly recommended that you register online as this is a catered event. 



 We are always looking for suggestions/ideas to improve and serve the community. Please drop an email to with your valuable suggestions. We welcome your continuous feedback and look forward to your participation throughout the year!

Stay safe! God bless all! 
Devu Boren Karo!
 On behalf of the KAOCA 2022 Committee  

Asima and Varadaraj





2022 KAOCA Ugadi

Saturday 9th April 2022
[11:15 AM to 5:00 PM]
Amphitheater @ Sierramont Middle School , 3155 KimLee Dr , San Jose

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