We would like to invite all KAOCA Friends and their families to various events we have planned for 2020!

You are in for a highly EXHILIRATING year ahead in 2020! All the Konkanis in the Bay Area are super-excited about the 2020 Sammelan being held right here in our neighborhood! In addition to this extravagant event, your KAOCA 2020 committee has planned a LOT of activities, free classes and events for you!
These events have been conceptualized and designed to arouse the KONKANI in you….and your children!! And build a strong Konkani foundation that will last for several generations for many years to come – in this foreign country which we call home now!

The goal of these new events planned in 2020 is to promote our Konkani culture, bring a sense of pride, belonging and togetherness among our Konkani community and also encourage wellness and fitness.

We have segregated these new 2020 events in the following categories:

Talent Show:

After the resounding success of our first 2020 KAOCA Karaoke event on Jan 11th at Aria Studio, we are excited to announce our next exhilarating event: the KAOCA Talent Show - Valentine’s Special!

There will also be a Cooking Contest, where you can showcase your cooking skills and win fabulous prizes!!

So are you ready to dress up according to the Valentine’s Day theme?

Please register here for the Feb 8th Talent Show.


Quite a few children born and raised here in the US are unfortunately not very comfortable with speaking Konkani fluently or at all, and are unaware or partially aware of our culture and traditions.  
The KAOCA 2020 Committee is bringing you a NEW 3 hour Gurukul class to be held once a month (frequency may increase in case of demand) for kids between the age groups of 4 and 18. The goal of KAOCA Gurukul is to promote a greater understanding of our Konkani history and roots, our Konkani language, Hindu festivals and traditions, teach reading and writing using Devnagri script, teach Bhajans, Shlokas and Prarthana and to give kids an opportunity to  socialize and enjoy together with Arts & Crafts and Painting activities! This will be a FREE class available to all KAOCA children – starting in January 2020!

Click here for more details.

Wellness & Fitness:

We KAOCAns in the Bay Area are health and fitness conscious, and enjoy and prosper when we engage in fitness-related activities! 

To promote this spirit and interest, we have decided to start the following activities to be held once a month:

    Click here for more details.

    Also, please join our Facebook group KAOCA Friends and check out latest event photos, posts and announcements!

    Devu Baren Koro,
    For the KAOCA 2020 Committee
    Preeti & Kedar Kodikal


Talent Show

Saturday 8th February 2020
[3 pm to 9 pm]
The Hub - James Lick High School

To register to Talent Show
Click Here

Ugadi Event

Saturday 4th April 2020
[3 pm to 9 pm]
Carrington Hall - Sequoia High School

To register to Ugadi

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