Happy New Year from the 2016 KAOCA Committee!


Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a very happy, prosperous, and peaceful New Year! Hope this New Year brings new hope and new beginnings.

Please find the KAOCA 2016 Financial Summary below:

Event Income Expenses
Ugadi at CET, San Jose $14,257 $12,178
Sports Day / Karaoke at BCC, San Jose   $2,856   $2,748
Picnic & Food Drive at Central Park, Santa Clara   $3,077   $1,416
Classical Concert at Danville   $1,400   $1,403
Diwali at CET, San Jose $13,572 $11,786
Charitable Donations
  KAOCA 2016 Member Donations to Charity   $1,320
  KAOCA 2016 Donation to Konkani Charitable Fund   $1,250
  KAOCA 2016 Donation to NAKA     $930
Additional Items Paid
  2015 & 2016 Web Expenses     $287
  2015 Fees for 501 (c)(3) Conversion     $400
  2016 Insurance   $1,259
Total $35,162 $34,977
Balance forward from 2015: Balance forward to 2017:
$14,178 $14,424

The KAOCA 2016 committee worked really hard throughout 2016 with dedication, love and compassion and all our programs reflected our theme “Integration, Interaction, Inspiration”. The team brought fabulous memorable events to the KAOCA community during Ugadi & Diwali, including the Bollywood live band, Konkani Drama, 70’s retro dance, neon dance, fashion show for all ages, and revived our Vaga Dance. In June, the sports day event with karaoke and wonderful settings on a warm summer day was a day to remember. Badminton & Table tennis was a special treat to our sports lovers.

More entertainment followed in the Konkani classical concert in August and in our summer annual picnic & food drive was awesome with food, games, KAOCA caps and Zumba. Ugadi & Diwali functions were a blast with new entertainment programs this year for our community and delicious Konkani food. Some of us attended the Konkani Sammelan 2016, Atlanta; it was our pleasure to be a part of it. We had a large contingent from Bay Area who participated in many programs at the Sammelan.

Last year we introduced the ICE initiative for KAOCA which will be a key factor in keeping an organized network with our neighbors especially during times of emergency. More updates and activity will follow this year. We encourage you to register online for the ICE initiative at https://www.icehelp.org/

Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement all through this year, we could not have done it without your love and support! Special thanks to:
  • Our KAOCA family for attending all our events in record numbers this year!
  • Our talented performers and choreographers who came forward to make the entertainment programs unique
  • Our wonderful volunteers & donors
A BIG thank you to our AWESOME 2016 Committee without their dedication, hard work, love and commitment this would have not been possible.

Finally, our best wishes to Mangala & Venu Pai and the incoming 2017 Committee!

Devu Baren Koro,
For the KAOCA 2016 Committee
Deepa and Arun Rao


Diwali 2016

Saturday 5th November 2016
[3:30 PM to 10:30 PM]
CET Auditorium (SOTO Theater)
701 Vine Street
San Jose CA 95110

Register Here

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