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KAOCA (Konkani Association of California) brings you a FREE APP called “KAOCA eXpertoo” - exclusively for Konkanis around the world.

KAOCA eXpertoo is a central directory of Konkanis in a certain profession, field or trade, such as a Konkani doctor, heart specialist, dentist, lawyer, bhatmaam, health advisor, heart surgeon, tax consultant, real-estate professional, IT professional, eye doctor, etc. and also businesses owned by Konkanis such as hotels, restaurants, etc.

KAOCA eXpertoo is also a free means for Konkanis to “advertise” our expertise, professions and business and ensure a good (Konkani!) customer base - who also happen to be “gurtacheen”!

KAOCA eXpertoo is a platform for you to:

Please start registering your professional or business details in KAOCA eXpertoo now!

Konkanis around the world would benefit from knowing which Konkanis they can contact:

Please help spread the work about KAOCA eXpertoo to Konkanis around the world so that we have a comprehensive directory of Konkani professionals we can count on!



2022 KAOCA Ugadi

Saturday 9th April 2022
[11:15 AM to 5:00 PM]
Amphitheater @ Sierramont Middle School , 3155 KimLee Dr , San Jose

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