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“Bring your American Child to the Gurukul class and take a Konkani Cherdu back home!!” is the slogan and motto of the KAOCA Gurukul class!

KAOCA Gurukul is a FREE class available to all Konkani kids (in the bay area and throughout the world!)

The intention of the KAOCA Gurukul class is to give kids raised outside India an opportunity to learn about our Konkani and Hindu culture, festivals, customs, Konkani language etc. and encourage them to chant stotras & bhajans and perform “Om Namah Shivay” meditation regularly.

Kids are encouraged to speak in Konkani and in addition to teaching the kids about our Konkani and Hindu culture and history, the dedicated Gurukul teachers also make it fun for the students with fun arts and crafts (related to the religious theme of each class!) and also through fun interactive quizzes and activities!

We have received several requests to open the “GURUKUL” program, organized by the Konkani Association of California (KAOCA), to Konkani families across North America, Canada and Europe.

The free classes are online and take place once every three weeks on Saturdays between 11 am to 2 PM PDT.

Led by enthusiastic volunteers, this program teaches Konkani language and culture to Konkani children worldwide. We welcome everyone to join!

To join, please fill out the following form for your child(ren): register with your full name and contact phone number and we will add you to our KAOCA Gurukul WhatsApp group.



(Updated as of 4/4/2021)


Sun, May 2nd , 2021 at 4pm

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