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In 2020, KAOCA Gurukul took the first step in teaching Konkani. Besides teaching Konkani, since the focus is on teaching kids about Hindu culture, customs, festivals, traditions, history, etc., the percentage of KAOCA Gurukul class time spent on Konkani is about 20-30%.

In 2021, KAOCA introduced a new FREE class: “KKCC: KAOCA Konkani Conversation Class”!! KAOCA Gurukul will continue to teach Konkani as part of the curriculum, but KKCC will be a separate, focused effort, where the classes will 100% focus only on conversational Konkani for ALL ages – kids (5 years and above), teens, young adults AND adults!

The KKCC classes will be starting on February 17th, 2021. The class will be held on every other Wednesday at 6:30 pm-7:30 pm Pacific Time. Since the primary goal of the KKCC class will be conversational Konkani, the main focus will be to encourage the students (kids and adults) to SPEAK Konkani, with the goal of improving fluency and comfort level of Konkani!

We have been blessed with the following wonderful teachers who will be teaching the KAOCA Konkani Conversation Class: Pratibha Kamath, Veena Kamath, Uma Hoskote, Mangala Pai, Sharmila Surkund, Kavita Pai and Preeti Kodikal!

We will be focusing on 2 main “types” of Konkani: GSB Konkani and CSB Konkani. The teachers have been selected in such a way that there are an equal number of GSB-Konkani speaking and CSB-Konkani speaking teachers, to ensure that the students get equal exposure and access to the Konkani that’s spoken in their homes. If there are other variations of Konkani spoken in certain households, we request the parents/other family members to fill in the gaps and help the student learn the specific dialect/words in conjunction to what’s learnt in the KKCC classes!



(Updated as of 4/4/2021)


Sun, May 2nd , 2021 at 4pm

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