Mission Statement

Bringing Generations Together

At KAOCA, our mission is to create a vibrant and lively Konkani community by connecting together the generations of today and tomorrow.

We at KAOCA want to bring together the Konkanis in and around the Bay Area through events and activities so that, together, we can contribute to a great community and continue its legacy.

Together we can – Together we will – Make a difference – and make a better KAOCA community.

Upcoming Volunteer Event

When: Sunday 19th December, 2010
Where: Family Giving Tree Warehouse,
       2400 Condensa Street, Santa Clara, CA 95051
Map location: Click here
Time: 12 Noon - 2 PM

Register for this volunteer opportunity - here.

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President's Corner


It gives us immense pleasure to inform that our final event in 2010 - “Diwali” was a grand success. We had over 350 people attend this event in San Jose. The entire KAOCA committee thanks the patrons who helped make this event a huge success. The event started at 4 pm with snacks which included Masala Puri and Shira. The Entertainment program started at 5 pm and included couple of skits and variety of programs. The Dinner followed at 8:15 pm and the menu included Valval, Ambe Upkari, Veg Kurma and Chicken Curry. The evening ended on a high note after the DJ music.

It is now time for us – the 2010 KAOCA committee to move on and reflect back on the nostalgic journey which started late in 2009. On a personal note, when Sulatha and I were approached to head the committee for 2010, I was not very sure, however my wife, the charmer she is, talked me into it. “Yes we can” was her slogan and that triggered enough adrenaline rush in me to stand up and take the mantle. That is one side of the story. The other is the fabulous committee that made all of this happen. I cannot thank them enough for the dedication, support, commitment and creative infusion they put in to take KAOCA to the next stage.

When we met as a committee we decided to do something different, something unique and thus our mission - “Bringing generations together” was born. We wanted to connect together generations of today and tomorrow and create a vibrant and a lively community. On similar lines our entertainment theme was “Something for Everyone”. We had also decided to cook authentic Konkani food for the community. To realize our core mission, we wanted to hear the Pulse of the community, so we conducted a survey. The survey results reflected the community’s voice which was to add new events for this year namely the Musical Concert and Disco Dandiya. In addition, we wanted to create a financial model that benefits the community at large by not only revisiting the membership fees and other misc costs like Insurance. Our other goal included transferring at least as much money to the next committee as we received from the previous one.

2010 highlights:
• Event Pricing model that encouraged healthy participation from the community - our events were attended by a large number of Konkani patrons.
• Dynamic Web presence – Created a reusable and dynamic web presence for KAOCA. KAOCA is also on facebook.
• Enagaged in food drive activity.
• 2 additional events – Musical Concert and Disco Dandiya which propelled KAOCA into Limelight.
• Streamlined Insurance cost (General Liability and Directors and Officers) for KAOCA which resulted in savings of $1000.
• KAOCA assets were stored in committee members home at zero cost.
• KAOCA is green. Contact directory to be published online for community members.

Events and highlights:
• Ugadi: Attendees were 400+. Exciting entertainment program which included a Sitar recital by Tim White. Authentic Konkani food included Buns, Shevayi, Narayankatar, gajabaje, jain curry, avanase ambe sasam and Garayi.
• Talent Day: included several events such as Card Game (Turup), chess, Carrom, Table Tennis, Wii, Basketball hoops and cooking contest. In addition, we had an art and poetry showcase and a food drive for Second Harvest food bank.
• Picnic: The day-long event with fun activities and food was attended by over 150 Konkanis. The kids enjoyed the inflatable jumps and the popcorn. The food served was an Indianized version of the Chipotle bowl. The afternoon activities included games for both adults and kids. The evening ended on a high note with raffle, bingo and Bhel Puri.
• Concert: KAOCA this year, with a joint venture with Kannada Koota (KKNC), organized a classical music concert by Grammy Award Winner Pt Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and Suben Chatterjee.
• Dandiya: This event was open to public. Attended and liked by over 200 people.
• Diwali: Attendees were 375+. Exciting entertainment program which included couple of skits and variety of programs. Food that included Masala Puri, Shira, Valval, Ambe Upkari, Veg Kurma and Chicken Curry and Date Kheer.

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